Tuesday, 10 May 2016

New Model Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Viper RS-V8 Stereo Built In Speakers Radio Touring Helmet Combat Matt

  • Full face motorcycle helmet. Smooth ultra-adjust visor mechanism.
  • Retractable inner sun visor. Multi-point venting system.
  • Fitted with Stereo Speakers. ECE 22.05 standard.
  • Headphone jack and wire included. ACU Gold Approved.
  • Replaceable anti-scratch outer visor. Ratchet fastener.


Viper Rider Motorcycle and Scooter garments and rider hardware speak to top notch esteem items and low costs in the motorbike rider market. Snake Rider perceive that there needn't be an exchange off between modest cost and manufacture quality, and taking into account this Viper Rider have built up a scope of section level worth included motorbike dress and embellishments reasonable for all bikers. All Viper Rider bike apparel convey CE Approved defenders (where proper) and have reliably performed well on industry item tests. The Viper Rider dress reach keeps on developing, driven by interest from motorbike riders and an enthusiasm to carry new and imaginative items with extraordinary outlines to the bike rider market.


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